Dierenpark Burgers Zoo


Dierenpark Burgers Zoo

May we invite you on an adventurous expedition? In Burgers' Zoo you will travel through the most diverse nature reserves in the world!

Walk through the tropical rainforest In Burgers' Bush, hundreds of animals live here amidst thousands of tropical plants. View giant cacti and special desert animals in Burgers' Desert. Make a dry 'dive' in Burgers' Ocean, the tropical seas of South East Asia, where corals, colorful coral fish, sharks and rays live.

Burgers' Zoo is open 365 days a year.

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Did you know that the surrounding of Cuijk is a beautiful place to hike and bike? Visit the beautiful Kraaijenbergse Plassen and take a walk besides the gorgeous Maas. 

Go to Route.nl for hiking- and bike routes. Tip: walk through the rice history of our region, for instance the Roman Route or the Liberation route.