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Live is too much fun to drink boring wines. A tastefull wine doesn't always have to be expensive. In our special selected wine list you find a scala of wine countries, grapes and some special wines. Every country, every region has his own jewels. We have chosen for a selection of wellknow wines, but also some unknown great wines.  


Arda van der Valk

From our own vineyard

Terra Ceuclum Solaris
The wine is made from the solarisgrape. It’s a dry, full wine with aroma’s of ripe fruit and flower with a fresh, long aftertast. The wine can be bought at our reception.
4,50 | 25,50


festive fresh

Terrasses du Sud | Cuvée Prestige
Aromas of apple and citrus fruit. Delicate and dry, slightly acidic with fine, lively bubbles.
3,75 | 19,50

fresher and more fruity
Val d’Oca | Bioldo | Asolo Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G | Italië
Fresh aromas of apple and pear. Juicy and fresh taste with a fine bubbles.
4,95 | 25,00

fuller and more powerfull
Jaume Serra | Cava Brut | Spain
Tasty, aromatic and fresh. Refreshing white fruit, with citrus and apple.
3,95 | 22,50

rather champagne
Pommery | Champagne | Brut Royal
A lively aroma of white fruit, pear and grapefruit. Tastes of apple, pear and citrus fruit.

Pommery | Champagne | Brut Rosé
An aroma of red fruit, raspberry and strawberry. Fresh, fruit and subtly in flavour.

Rosé | Fresh and chill

fresh and chill
Terrasses du Sud | Rosé
Rich aromas of red berries and pear candy. A rounded flavour, with a good length, full body and deliciously fruity character.
3,75 | 19,50

sparkling and alcohol-free
Light Live | Alcohol-free | Sparkling Rosé
Beautiful flowery and pure wine, with aromas of raspberry and strawberry. A juicy and lively glass of bubbly.

fresher and more fruity
Toos | AOP Luberon
Pleasant fragrance of wild strawberries and cherries. An elegant, fresh and fruity rosé.
4,50 | 22,50

Orce Rosado | Merlot | Castilla La Mancha | Spain
Skin-ripened rosé, special because of the Merlot grapes, strawberries, raspberries. Very floral
5,00 | 28,50

classic and powerfull
Château Cavalier | Cuvée Marafiance | France
Herbs de Provence, pepper, cherry and raspberry. A firm, juicy, ripe and also fresh flavour.

White | Light and fruity

light and fruity
Terrasses du Sud | Sauvignon blanc
Aromas of orchard fruit, mainly pear and apricot. A hint of tropical fruit and flowers. Round taste, full of crisp white fruit.
3,75 | 19,50

De Daalgaard | Riesling | The Netherlands
Elegant, fresh and fruity wine. Aroma of peaches and citrus. Typicial Riesling sour.
4,50 | 25,50

dryer and fruity
Nekora | Verdejo | Rueda | Spain
Vegan certificied, powerfull, fresh. With green apple and tropcial fruit.
5,50 | 32,00

Johann Müllner | Grüner Veltliner | Austria
Ripe white fruit, citrus fruit, grapefruit and pineapple. A firm but fresh flavour, with white pepper in the finale.

fruity and spicey
La di Motte | Pinot Grigio | Italy
An elegant aroma of white flowers and stone fruit. Round, juicy and mild taste, with ripe white fruit.

Nai | Albariño | Rias Baixas | Spain
Aromas of citrus and apple, round and fruity.
4,50 | 26,00

rich bouquet and powerfull
Domaine Gayda | Cépage | Viognier | France
Fine wine with tropical fruit like mango, nectarine and peach. It’s modern wine with tonic acids

Villa Maria | Cellar Selection | Organic Sauvignon Blanc | New Zealand
An intense nose of lime, gooseberry, asparagus and boxwood. A powerful, refined, and surprisingly fresh taste.
6,00 | 34,00

White | Intense and refined

mild and full
Terrasses du sud | Chardonnay
Elegant, floral aromas with citrus fruit. Very lively, but mild in flavour.
3,75 | 19,50

alcohol -free
Light Live | Wit | Chardonnay
Typical aromas of melon, pear, mango, pineapple and peach. A supple wine with a hint of sweet.

fuller and more fruity
Domaine Gérald Talmard | Macon Blanc Uchizy | France
Fresh, full wine, rich with citrus, apricot and vanilla. Round and mild with a fine freshness in the aftertaste.
4,50 | 27,00

Dos Familias | Chardonnay - Semillon
Deliciously fragrant wine, with lime, peach, melon and citrus aromas. The flavour is fresh, juicy and mild.

richer and more powerfull
Bellingham | The Bernard Series | Old Vine Chenin Blanc | South Afrika
Wide sens of honey, pear, peach, apricots citrus, mandarin, lychees, vanilla, flowers and herbs. Beautifully deep and powerful, soft and rich, opulent, ripe and full of flavour.

Noble Vines | 446 | Chardonnay | United States
A powerful fragrance, with honey, butter, brioche, coconut and a tempting wood tone. Firm and round-bodied.

Red | Supple and fruity

supple and fruity
Terrasses du Sud | Merlot
An attractive aroma of blackberry and a hint of liquorice. A delicious palette of ripe fruit and a mild aftertaste.
3,75 | 19,50

mild and fruity
Léonce Bocquet | Bourgogne | Pinot Noir | France
Fragrance with strawberry, cherry and flowers. Refined flavour, with some newspaper and caramel as a finale.

Villa Maria | Cellar Selection | Organic Pinot Noir | New Zealand
Aromas of blackcurrant, plum and a slight spiciness with a hint of vanilla. Pure and elegant in taste, juicy, fresh, and with a beautiful complexity.

fruity and powerfull
Bodega Sottano | Malbec | Argentina
A nose of plums and raspberry, with subtle chocolate and vanilla notes. Mild in flavour, with a long aftertaste.

Arrocal | Tempranillo | Ribera de Duero | Spain
Aromas of black- and blueberries, en bosbessen, floral nut, silky flavours and balanced tannins.
5,00 | 28,50

rijk en fruitig
Domaine de la Clapière | Gatefer Rouge | Frankrijk
Lovely aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry. Tasting of forest fruit, a bit of cinnamon, bay leaf, and fresh.

Red | Firm and powerfull

firm and powerfull
Terrasses du Sud | Cabernet Sauvignon
Aromas of blackcurrant and red berry. Rich and powerful taste.
3,75 | 19,50

Dos Familias | Cabernet - Carménère
Aromas of blackcurrant, cherry and chocolate. The wine is intense, invigorating and full of flavour.
4,50 | 22,50

Light Live | Red | Cabernet Sauvignon
Aromas of confiture, strawberry and cherry. A juicy wine, with a bit of sweet in the aftertaste.

firm and spicy
Bellingham | The Homestead Series Shiraz | South Africa
Beautiful fragrance of plums, herbs, liquorice and vanilla. The taste is firm, The wine contains refreshing acids and has a fine spiciness.

F. Jeantet | Châteauneuf-du-Pape | France
Beautifully aromatic, with blackcurrant, blackberry, spices and bay leaf. Warm and firm in taste, but also supple and gentle.

Meler | Syrah | Somontano | Spain
Ripe blackberries, good structure, few and soft tannins.
4,50 | 26,00

Gaja Ca’Marcanda Promis | Merlot | Syrah | Sangiovese | Tuscany | Italy
Fused vanilla notes due to the subtle wood aging. Aromas of sweet blackberries and blueberries and a medium structure.
6,00 | 35,00

richer and more powerfull
Noble Vines | 337 | Cabernet Sauvignon | United States
Fragrance with a lot of red and black fruit. A firm, powerful and ripe taste with some spiciness, and blackcurrant, blackberry and white pepper in the finale.

Casa Silva | Reserva Cuvée Colchagua | Carmenère | Chili
Delicious supple wine with sweet plums and figs. The wine has fine tannins and a hint of chocolate.

La Sonrisa del Nómada | Tinta de Toro | Toro | Spain
Red fruits, forest fruits, spicy notes, full and round, beautiful integrated tannins
6,00 | 35,00

Sweet and fortified

light and semi sweet
Terrasses du Sud | Moelleux (sweet)
Aroma of tasty ripe yellow fruit. The taste is crisp, fresh and deliciously sweet.
3,75 | 19,50

sweet and fresh
Weltevrede Estate | Ouma se Wyn | South Africa
Pleasantly open and aromatic, with blossom, citrus fruit, honey and raisins. Sweet, full and rich.
4,50 | 17,50

full and sweet
Weltevrede Estate | Oupa se Wyn | South Africa
An aromatic wine with a fragrance of cherry and raisins. Rich, sweet and powerful.
4,50 | 17,50

fine and spicy
Barros | White Port | Portugal
Aromas of citrus, apricot, yellow apple and a bit of honey and nuttiness. Velvety flavour, with hints of herbs and almonds.

fine and fruity
Barros | Ruby Port | Portugal
Intense nose of black fruit. Sensual and firm taste, with plum, black cherry and blackberry.

sensual and spicy
Barros | Tawny Port | Portugal
Fragrance of plum and raisin. A firm port, with tones of herbs, currant, chocolate, spices and figs.

spicy and ripe
Barros | 10 Years Old Port | Portugal
Red cherry, strawberry and more red fruit. Subtle and sweet in flavour, with red fruit, raisin, walnut and almond.

Special wines

fresh white classics
Jean-Max Roger | Cuvée Les Caillottes | Sancerre | France
Nice and fresh, with aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry and green apple. Lovely and dry, juicy with a hint of citrus fruit

Domaine Vincent Dampt | Chablis | Frankrijk
Refined and elegant aromas of ripe white fruit. Creamy taste, full and fresh.

Kelman Wines | Encruzado | Dão | Portugal
Light aromas of mint and citrus, fruity with a small bitterness in the aftertaste.
5,50 | 32,00

full white classics
Patriarche | Meursault | France
Lovely aromas of roasted almonds and brioche. Full-bodied, with apricot and yellow plums, with a long aftertaste.

Special red wines
Marqués de Cáceres | Excellence | Rioja Reserva | Spain
Fragrances of blackcurrant, plum, currant and other dark fruit. A firm, powerful and intense taste.

Classic red bordeaux
Château Cantenac | Brown AC Margaux 3e Grand Cru Classé 2014 | Frankrijk
Balanced and classic with complex aromas of espresso, violets, black currants and dark chocolate. The wine is refreshing, concentrated, full of flavour and has hints of dark cherry and black currants. This is every inch Margaux!