4Days Marches Nijmegen

On this page, you can find all information regarding the 4-Day Event.
The 4Days Marches packages can now be booked here
For any inquiries, feel free to email us at vierdaagse@hotelcuijk.nl.


Frequently asked Questions


1. Can I dine at your restaurant?
You can dine in our restaurant and choose from:
1) 4Days à la carte menu for €20.50 (carbohydrates rich)
2) À la carte menu

2. What are the breakfast start and end times?
Breakfast starts at 02:30 AM and ends at 11:00 AM.

3. Can I book a time for breakfast?
Unfortunately, this is not possible; there is always a spot for you during breakfast.

4. Do I get a packed lunch?
If you have booked our 4Days package, a packed lunch is included and can be customized
at the breakfast buffet. We ensure that there are products available for you that you can easily take
with you and provide you with an energy boost.
If you haven’t booked a package, you can request a packed lunch for € 19.50.

5. Until what time is the kitchen open?
Our kitchen is open until 10:00 PM.

6. Do you have vegan options for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Yes, we offer various vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

7. Until what time is the bar open?
Our bar is open until midnight.


1. Is a masseur available?
Yes, Superfit Gennep is present for massages and/or foot care.

2. Is there a physiotherapist available?
Yes, Superfit Gennep is present for massages and/or foot care.

3. Is someone available for foot care?
Yes, Superfit Gennep is present for massages and/or foot care.

4. What are the times and costs at Superfit Gennep?
Times and costs can be found in the attached brochure from Superfit Gennep.

5. Where do the treatments take place?
In our Waal room on the 1st floor.

6. Can I use the fitness room?
Yes, it is open 24/7. Your room key provides access to the fitness room.

7. How can I book with Superfit Gennep?
You can book directly with Superfit Gennep at info@superfitgennep.com,


1. Are bus tickets included in the package?
No, you can book them separately via email (vierdaagse@hotelcuijk.nl) once your reservation is
confirmed. Once the starting times for the 4-Day Event are known, we will send you an information
email. After receiving this email, you can book your bus time.

2. What are the bus times?
Bus times will be announced once the start times of the 4Days Marches are known.

3. Does the bus also take us back to the hotel?
If you are on time for the bus, the bus driver will bring you back to the hotel. We will announce the
bus times later, where you can also find the return trip times.

4. Why is the bus not included in the package?
A package can be booked per room, unfortunately not per person. To accommodate guests
not participating in the 4Days Marches, we have decided to keep it separate from the

5. What if my desired bus time is full when booking?
We will contact the bus company to check if an additional bus can be arranged. If not possible, you will need to choose another time.

6. What is the cost of a bus ticket?
The cost for a 4-day bus ticket (round trip) is € 67.50 per person.

7. Can I take the bus even if I’m not participating in the 4Days Marches but am a hotel guest?
Yes, every hotel guest can buy a bus ticket and book times.

8. Can external guests also buy a bus ticket? If yes, from when is this possible?
Yes, if there are extra tickets available. Our hotel guests have priority.
We will announce this on our website.

9. Can I also buy a daily bus ticket?
Yes, this costs € 17.50 per person.

10. Where does the bus pick us up?
The bus will pick you up at the entrance of our hotel.
Drop-off and pick-up in Nijmegen from Tuesday to Thursday:
S101 at the bus stop Nijmegen, Centrum Zuid (Nassausingel towards Weurt/Beuningen).

Drop-off and pick-up on Friday:
S101 at the bus stop Nijmegen, Centrum Zuid (Nassausingel towards Keizer Karelplein, next to the


1. Can I pay for my room on-site?
You can pay your outstanding bill during your online check-in (48 hours in advance) or at the hotel

2. Is a deposit required?
Yes, a down payment is required when booking a package. For a 5-day package, we will send a
down payment of €450.00, and for a 6-day package, a down payment of €650.00. The down
payment must be received by March 8, 2024, to finalize your reservation.

3. Until when can I cancel?
You can cancel free of charge until March 8, 2024. After this time, your down payment will not be
refunded, and your reservation cannot be moved with paid costs.

4. Do I get my down payment/money back if I cancel the reservation?
If you cancel before March 8, 2024, you will get your money back. After this time, we cannot refund
a down payment.

5. Can I book everything on my room and pay all other costs upon departure?
You can leave your credit card details at check-in if you wish to book products in your room.
Without a credit card or if you choose not to provide details, room charges cannot be applied.
Unfortunately, exceptions are not possible.


1. What time can I check-in?
Rooms are ready for check-in from 3:00 PM; however, you are welcome in our restaurant and
brasserie before this time.

2. Until what time can I check out?
You can check out until 11:30 AM. Our reception is available from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM;
between 11:00 PM and 6:30 AM, a night porter is present. We recommend settling payments when
our reception staff is available the night before your check-out.

3. Can I book a single night stay between July 15 and 19?
Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. We can release last-minute rooms based on

4. Can an extra bed be placed in the room?
This is subject to availability.

5. Can I specify a room preference?
You can provide a preference, and we will do our best to accommodate it. Unfortunately, we cannot
guarantee it.

6. How can I check out best if I’m walking on Friday?
You can settle your outstanding costs at the reception on Thursday after your dinner. If you check out Thursday night, you can leave your luggage in our storage room.

7. I’m bringing my dog; what does this cost?
A pet costs €25.00 per room per night per pet. Pets are welcome in select comfort rooms.

8. Can I leave my luggage at the hotel on Friday?
We have a baggage room available throughout the 4Days Marches week, a secured space
accessible only by the reception staff.

9. Who can I contact for questions?
You can send your questions to vierdaagse@hotelcuijk.nl or call 0485 335123 and ask for the
Sales department, available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


1. What does the package include and what does it cost?
This information can be found in the information document.

2. Can I reserve a room for 4 nights without a package?
We will offer rooms on the website without a package based on availability.

3. Until when do I need to confirm the package?
You can confirm your reservation from Thursday, February 8, 2024, to Thursday, March 7, 2024.
After confirmation, we will send you a down payment link. The down payment must be received by
us no later than March 8, 2024. When this down payment is received in our bank, your reservation is finalized.

4. Can two people sleep in one room, but only one person purchase a package?
You can only book a package per room; unfortunately, this cannot be done per person.

5. Can I get a discount on my package price?
Our prices are fixed; no discount or modification can be applied to the price. Unfortunately,
exceptions are not possible.


SuperFit Gennep is present at our location (Waal room) during the 4-day week. If you wish to make use of this, we ask you to contact Superfit Gennep directly via info@superfitgennep.com. The treatments last approximately 25 minutes and are by appointment. To qualify for treatment, we request that you make a reservation in time, but no later than May 31, 2024. FULL IS FULL! www.superfitgennep.com