Africa Museum


Africa Museum

The Africa Museum is a museum about people located in the wooded hills of Berg en Dal near Nijmegen, only a 20 minute drive from Van der Valk Hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen.

It has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, with regularly changing temporary exhibitions and permanent displays of traditional African objects and its large collection of contemporary African art. Objects that reflect the customs and traditions of different African peoples. They tell stories about universal human themes like mourning, celebration, ornamentation, prayer, conflict; stories that inspire visitors to find out more about the huge cultural diversity to be found in the world.

Wandering around the open-air exhibits, visitors can discover the traditional architecture of tribes in Ghana, Lesotho, Mali, Cameroon and Benin.

Kids love exploring the children’s sculpture forest, teeming with animals from African myths. Come to the Africa Museum and discover that, despite cultural differences, we are all essentially the same.

You will more information about the Africa Museum here.

Did you know that the surrounding of Cuijk is a beautiful place to hike and bike? Visit the beautiful Kraaijenbergse Plassen and take a walk besides the gorgeous Maas. 

Go to for hiking- and bike routes. Tip: walk through the rice history of our region, for instance the Roman Route or the Liberation route.