Let the wind blow through your hair and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of our hotel on the E-Chopper. The e-chopper is an electrically powered, environmentally friendly chopper, drives 25 km / h and is silent. So enjoy! The 2.5-hour tour is full of surprises and takes you along the most beautiful areas of Cuijk and surroundings. Of course you can also make your own route.

Start of the tour:
The tour starts in Mill, where you can pick up the e-choppers. It is possible to reserve a chopper in the morning, afternoon or evening. Reserve the e-chopper at Arts Evenementen. This can be done online or by calling Marco Arts 06-29443044.

For whom?
The e-chopper can be reserved from 16 years. You must be in possession of a car or scooter driving license.

Tour 2.5 hours: € 29.95 p.p.
Tour all day: € 55.00 p.p.

Did you know that the surrounding of Cuijk is a beautiful place to hike and bike? Visit the beautiful Kraaijenbergse Plassen and take a walk besides the gorgeous Maas. 

Go to Route.nl for hiking- and bike routes. Tip: walk through the rice history of our region, for instance the Roman Route or the Liberation route.