Outdoor activities


We live in a time where much is not possible, yet we prefer to look at what is possible! The area surrounding our hotel is very suitable for many outdoor activities. Especially with spring approaching, there is plenty to enjoy ‘a good life’ in Het Land van Cuijk.

UNESCO Maasheggen 
This special area is the only area in the Netherlands that has an UNESCO Man & Biosphere status. The Maasheggen has the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands. In this area, nature, landscape, economy and culture converge visibly and for a long time. This unique area is ideal for beautiful walking or cycling routes. You can find the routes here

Guided tours in the Land of Cuijk
On the road with a guide

Would you like to experience how special the Land van Cuijk is in a different way? Then set off with one of our local guides. The 'greeters', as we call our guides, are volunteers who take you to places you might not otherwise go. They enjoy telling the often unique stories associated with the locations and buildings visited. Would you like to book a walk or a bike ride? View the options here.

Car treasure hunt Land van Cuijk
Discover the secrets of the Land van Cuijk with the car treasure hunt: “The secrets of the Land van Cuijk.” The route goes along various historical places, beautiful nature and water surroundings of the Maas, Kraaijenbergse lake and the Maasheggen. During the hunt you need to crack a code on the basis of questions and assignments. With this code you have a chance to win the treasury. You can book the treasure hunt for €8,95 on this website.

Roman cycle route via Valentiniana
Cuijk is known for its Roman past. In Roman times, the road along the Maas was a busy traffic route. A cycling junction route has been plotted along this route, which can be recognized by the numbered signs along the road. Along the way you will come to places where the Romans left their mark. The route is 65 km in total and is divided into three stages of 31 km, 15 km and 20 km. More information and the route can be found here.

Discover the region with the E-chopper
You can not only explore the area by bicycle. Go with an E-chopper. You can rent E-choppers with a nice route through the area. The E-chopper is electrically powered, environmentally friendly and silent. Reserve the e-chopper at Arts Evenementen. This can be done online or by calling Marco Arts 06-29443044.

Art sensible cycling
The Land van Cuijk is a beautiful area to discover by bicycle. You will arrive in several villages and the nature of this area is very varied. Also enjoy the art in the municipality of Sint Anthonis and cycle the water-tap-point route. Artist Juul Baltussen designed eight water taps in the municipality of Anthonis. The route with nodes can be found here.

Rent a boat at Kraaijenbergse lake
When the weather is nice you van enjoy the water. The Kraaijenbergse Plassen is a wonderful place to enjoy a boat. It is possible to rent a boat through our reception.

Cycling and walking
There are many walking and cycling routes in the Land van Cuijk. Nature is very versatile and offers enough entertainment for several days. The cycling and walking routes in various lengths can be found here.

Did you know that the surrounding of Cuijk is a beautiful place to hike and bike? Visit the beautiful Kraaijenbergse Plassen and take a walk besides the gorgeous Maas. 

Go to Route.nl for hiking- and bike routes. Tip: walk through the rice history of our region, for instance the Roman Route or the Liberation route.