Green Key

Sustainable entrepreneurship is an important business objective of Hotel Cuijk. The management of the environmental impact of the hotel plays the main role. The management and all the employees are responsible for this. In order to achieve this corporate objective, Van der Valk Hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen follows the guidelines of the Green Key, a European recognised quality standard from the Foundation for Environment, Safety and Quality.

We are very proud that we recently received the Golden Green Key certificate yet again!

The Green Key guarantees the voluntary commitment of the entrepreneur to do more for the environment than the laws and regulations demand. The Green Key is a means of communicating the company's sustainable image to guests, governments and business relations.

In order to qualify for the Green Key, entrepreneurs must undertake many measures with regard to environmental care and CSR. These measures are partly mandatory, partly optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels: Bronze, silver and gold. The more optional measures an entrepreneur completes, the higher the final result