Brabant Remembers


Brabant Remembers

Lives were changed drastically and forever during the Second World War. Brabant Remembers recounts these unusual, inspiring, personal stories, large and small, about mobilisation, occupation, collaboration and liberation. Stories in which a life-changing choice is the central theme.

Seventy five stories, one for each of the years we have lived in freedom. Together they give a good impression of the impact the Second World War had on people. 

All stories can be found on the website and in the living history app. In the app the stories come to live with actors who play the story on the places that reminds them of war. Thise augmented reality app is making the impact of the stories much bigger. 

Nearby our hotel in Overloon you can view this story with Augmented Reality.

You can find all the stories and information about Brabant Remembers here. 

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