What is it like to be blind or partially sighted? You can read about it or someone can tell you about it from their own experience, but during a visit to muZIEum (muSEEum) you will experience it yourself. Enter a world in which your other senses - hearing, smell, touch and taste - suddenly play a far more important role than you are used to.

muZIEum is not a museum where you admire objects on display. You are an important part of the experience yourself. This is what makes a visit to muZIEum unique. We offer three different tours: two different tours in absolute darkness and one tour through the city centre of Nijmegen. Our tour guides are blind or partially sighted and are happy to tell you more about living with sight loss. After your visit, you will see the world through different eyes!

Check here the possibilities of MuZIEum

Did you know that the surrounding of Cuijk is a beautiful place to hike and bike? Visit the beautiful Kraaijenbergse Plassen and take a walk besides the gorgeous Maas. 

Go to for hiking- and bike routes. Tip: walk through the rice history of our region, for instance the Roman Route or the Liberation route.