'World Eaters'

Surprisingly eating out with children

Children are welcome at Van der Valk. Especially for our young guests, we have developed a very special menu: ' Van der Valk World Eaters. ' The food is adventurous, responsible and surprisingly delicious.

With Timo on travel

World Eaters with the Van der Valk menu we challenge children to choose something different than the traditional children's menu. We let them meet with dishes that are eaten by children in other countries. Timo Toekan ' takes the kids on a trip to countries like Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Hawaii and, of course, Netherlands. At each menu tells Timo fun stories and facts about the country of the Court of first instance. Every six months we 'refresh'  the menu with new countries, new facts and new dishes. Curious? Please fix a look... '

Fine dining and a 10 for geography

The children's menu is inspired by the award-winning book ' World Eaters ' by Vlaam. Just like the menu is the book you'll find fun and Merry stories and funny facts about different countries of the world and the most delicious recipes.The book is for sale at all participating restaurants and via www.wereldeters.nl Van der Valk

'Meal for a meal'

Because Van der Valk also mean anything to kids who have less well, we support the Organization KidsRights. With the Van der Valk World Eaters children's menu, we support in particular the food programme Sizanani in South Africa. Read more about Van der Valk and KidsRights.