3-course dinner


Soup of choice
choice of: tomato-, chicken-, spinachsoup or beef broth

Prawns with trout mousse
marinated prawns • trout mousse • lamb’s lettuce • sweet and sour cucumber • wasabi crumble • soy sesame sauce

Parma ham
watermelon • feta crumble • popped quinoa • arugula • basil cream

Campagnard goat cheese salad vega
local goat cheese   apple pecan nuts cucumber mixed lettuce honey thyme dressing

Caesar salad
chicken little gem tomato red onion croutons  parmesan cheese boiled egg caesar dressing

Caprese vega
pomodori tomato mozzarella grilled zucchini basil ricotta balsamic glaze roasted pine nuts

Fried  squid rings
garlic sauce salad




Beef Stroganoff
burgundian vegetables

Javanese chicken satay
satay sauce • cassave chips • fried onion •  fries

Homemade spare ribs 
Jack Daniels marinate • white cabbage • garlic sauce • fries

German schnitzel
baked potatoes bacon   onion mushroom sauce

Pork loin
bacon mushrooms onion bimi cream sauce

Sea bass
grilled sweet potato • haricot verts • roasted cauliflower • foaming hollandaise

tagliatelle samphire red onion zucchini hollandaise dill sauce

Basil ravioli vega
ravioli filled with basil • roasted vegetables • sauce of roasted paprika and ricotta

Avocado burger vegan
little gem tomato pickle red onion  spicy guacamole sweet potato fries

Curry Madras vegan
cocos rice jackfruit chickpeas sweet potato cauliflower

All main dishes will be served with warm vegetables, fries, mayonnaise and appelsauce. Would you like some salad? That’s possible without extra costs, ask our employees.



Summer mousse
mousse of strawberry and limoncello • waffle 

Crème brûlée
rhubarb compete • white chocolate icecream

Dame blanche
vanilla ice cream • whipped cream • warm chocolate sauce

Senior-ice cream
walnut ice cream • eggnog • whipped cream

Van der Valk Sorbet
sorbet ice cream • fruits • strawberry sauce • whipped cream


We offer a seasons menu, it could be possible that during your stay the menu is different than the above menu.